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April 2015  

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Hardscape Construction

Imagine modern, stylish outdoor kitchens, living rooms, bars, and pool designs that blend seamlessly into nature… and into your life.

Hardscape design and construction allows your landscape to become architecture, extending your home well past the walls of your house.

Its design and implementation has the unique ability to delineate space in a way that brings continuity and flow from the house to the garden:

  • Outdoor rooms are created by delicately intermingling and manipulating floors, roofs, walls, and doors to create a private and unique space.
  • Garden privacy walls are created by constructing walls of natural stone or brick, fencing, custom wooden screening, short retaining seat walls, or green screens of evergreen trees.
  • Possibilities for flooring surfaces range from rustic natural stone, to modern architectural pavers or durable composite decking.
  • Shade cover is often created by constructing pergolas, arbors, or trellises. However, in the case of gazebos, outdoor kitchens, pavilions, and pool houses a water-tight roof structure is the preferred option.