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Elevate Your Space: Next Level Landscape Structures

The beauty of landscape structures is they can serve two purposes: aesthetics and functionality. Understanding the differences between landscape structures can help you pick the best one for your landscape’s needs and your lifestyle.

Dreaming of ways to make your backyard more livable and inviting?

Maybe you have a large deck that you enjoy, but it gets hot in the afternoon as the sun beats down. Or maybe you’re tired of the basic patio with nothing but a table and a few chairs.

These are only a few scenarios where landscape structures can come in handy. These elements offer great, new options for creating relaxation spaces on your property. You never know — your serene pergola, gazebo, screened-in porch, pavilion, or covered deck just may become your favorite place to escape to.

The beauty of landscape structures is they can serve two purposes: aesthetics and functionality. Understanding the differences between landscape structures can help you pick the best one for your landscape’s needs and your lifestyle.

Here are some ideas for enhancing your space with the perfect landscape structure.



Feel like you need a little more space for sitting and enjoying your outdoor scenery? Want a seamless connection from your indoor kitchen and dining area to your backyard? Maybe your larger family gatherings are feeling a little cramped indoors, and you want your guests to enjoy a spacious outdoor entertainment space.

An expansive and well-planned, tiered deck can extend your usable space and create these additional cooking and dining areas that feel not too far away from your main entertaining spaces indoors.

If your backyard doesn’t have a lot of shade from nearby trees, decks can be covered or partially covered with some of the structures below on our list, or with unique arbors that create a focal point while providing a bit of shade.

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If you want a landscape structure that elegantly provides strong shade, but also blends seamlessly into the landscape, a pavilion could be your solution.

Pavilions aren’t normally screened in; they shine as a natural part of your landscape. You can build them over outdoor kitchens, near pools, or to provide seating and dining spaces. The bonus: They don’t block views or conversation between people in various areas on your property.

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If you’re looking for a landscape structure similar to a pavilion but that has a bit more open and airy feel, a pergola could be your ideal choice.

One of the big perks of a pergola is that you get some coverage but still let light in. It’s similar to that wonderful dappled shade effect you get from walking along a wooded path when the sunlight is coming through the spaces between leaves in the trees overhead.

Pergolas, like many of today's landscape structures, can also be built to match your home or create a specific feeling you’re after. For instance, if you want a more contemporary feeling, a modern, white pergola, with clean lines and even a chandelier hanging from the center can provide an elegant dining feeling for romantic evenings outdoors. On the other end of the spectrum, pergolas can also be made to look more natural as if they blend into a wooded space.


Gazebos and Specialty Structures

While pergolas and pavilions create some shade with an open feeling, a gazebo provides that more intimate, enclosed space. Their octagonal shape tends to make them perfect for out-of-the-way corners of decks or areas of your yard.

You can even go for an outdoor cottage style gazebo that feels like it comes from the pages of an English fairytale. Shingled roofs with lattice paneled sides protect you from rain and sun, but allow gentle breezes to blow through. Screened-in gazebos can do the same, while also keeping out pests and creating even deeper intimacy. This type of gazebo might work well next to a pond or water feature, for instance.

Gazebos can range from romantic and formal designs with scrolled details to more modern structures that break that octagonal shape and are more square or rectangular, if that better suits your style.


Screened-In Porches

Your three-season room doesn’t have to feel like an afterthought. The right screened-in porch design can keep insects and sun out, but let all the best of the outdoor ambiance in.

Think of perks like special lighting, fans, fireplaces, televisions, and heaters that can be added to a screened-in porch to provide all the entertainment options you need mixed with all-season comfort. Now, afternoon naps in nature can even be enjoyed on rainy days.

Still looking for help in making up your mind on what landscape structure would be right for your dream backyard? Extend your usable space in nature and amp up your outdoor relaxation and enjoyment with a custom landscape structure. Our design experts at Rossen Landscape can help you create an elegant landscape that seamlessly flows between entertainment areas. Contact us and we can discuss all of your options and create a personalized plan for you.