SUSTAINABLE LANDSCAPINGA holistic approach to a healthy ecosystem.

It is Our Responsibility to Work Sustainably

We are committed to improving and progressively maintaining the natural wellbeing of our community and our planet. We take this seriously as part of our unique value proposition, because we believe that sustainable beauty starts with a conscious effort to work in harmony with Mother Nature. Our credence is that natural resources must be nurtured, protected, and ensured long-term survival to gain the greatest benefit of healthy water, air, plants and wildlife.


● Design using at least 20% native species in all our property plans

● Eliminate the use of invasive plants

● Fertilize responsibly using the most environmentally friendly effective methods

● Be mindful of planting pollinator species

● Plant the right plants in the right place to foster permaculture


● Hold ourselves accountable for protecting and maintaining our waterways, habitats, air and biodiversity

● Educate our clients and community on sustainable landscape management

● Integrate more permeable surfaces

● Use recycled materials and byproducts whenever possible

● Create sustainable stormwater management solutions

Each of these efforts are co-dependent and work together to create a state of sustainable permaculture, requiring less human intervention such as irrigation, pesticides, and fertilization and ultimately, better protecting our environment.

“Mother Nature takes care of us, and we are obligated to take care of her. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s vital for the survival of a thriving ecosystem and the sustainable future of our planet.”

- Jeff Rossen

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