Combine beauty and function with stylish outdoor patios, walkways and retaining walls.

Patios, walkways and retaining walls extend your living space into nature. They create visual definition and balance on your grounds and help navigate changing elevations or add variety to flat sites.

A defined garden walkway can conceal surprises or simply guide friends and family from home to garden. It can also hide the inner workings of your landscape, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the view without losing any of the magic.

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In order to properly enjoy an outdoor environment, a space is needed to pause and take in the beautiful surroundings. Whether it be constructed from brick, pavers, stone, or tile, a patio is the center of enjoyment in any outdoor space.


Often considered only for their functionality, these exterior features provide ample opportunity to showcase beautiful stone work, serve as additional seating, or anchor a beautiful planting. They often also help extend the usable space to maximize other elements of the landscape.


The journey from point to point can often be an adventure all in itself. Outdoor walkways offer the chance to change location and experience another space in a landscape. They have their own design, from linear to winding or narrow to wide, constructed from stone or pea gravel, each offers a unique experience.


A driveway isn't just a means to get to ones residence, it is often you and your guests' first experience of your landscape. From beautiful stone borders to cobble pavers, we can find a way to make your entry stand out.

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