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The 3 Top 2020-2021 Paver Patio Trends

Dreaming about a new patio to upgrade your outdoor space? Who isn’t these days? Spending time at home and in your own yard has been your escape this past year. So, go ahead, dream up that perfect patio.

Dreaming about a new patio to upgrade your outdoor space?

Who isn’t these days? Spending time at home and in your own yard has been your escape this past year. So, go ahead, dream up that perfect patio.

In fact, while you’re imagining an elegant space that you can use for all your relaxing and entertaining needs, we’ll assist in your reverie by letting you in on all the latest patio trends.

Pavers Create Indoor/Outdoor Living

Believe it or not, most landscape paver trends today are inspired by popular indoor looks.

There is a continued evolution of embracing indoor-outdoor living. This is the design concept of expanding an interior room outdoors, and sometimes even using similar patterns that reflect the interior room designs.

The following paver trends take this into account where styles are being created that enable one space to flow more easily and seamlessly into the other. So when you’re moving in between spaces, it feels more natural, like those spaces were meant to lead from one to the other and back again — whether you're inside or outside.


1. Modern and Contemporary Designs

Old world or farmhouse styles are losing steam, while more modern looks are in. We’re talking clean lines and sleek shades.

Instead of stone cut in natural shapes or with natural stone textures, which have been popular for the last few years (and will no doubt remain timeless), stark, sharp edges that are very cleanly cut are now trending. Think smoother-faced pavers. Even people who want stone colors and appearance are going for a more level, sleek look.

One way to achieve this appearance is with porcelain pavers. These are dense, strong forms of ceramic that are low-maintenance and long-lasting. They take a while to cut because they are so much thicker and heavier than stone, but that’s what makes them last much longer.

The darker colors like gray and black bring that modern touch, but so can the latest textures that resemble your indoor favorites. For instance, you can get porcelain pavers in popular wood-grain textures today — a hot trend in interior flooring. With these, you can obtain the look of natural wood without maintenance worries, which is especially helpful outdoors.

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2. Plank-Style and Large Scale Pavers

Since wood-grain pavers are trending, the plank shape is coming along with it. Wider planks are en vogue because they mimic wood decking and interior floor trends. Narrower planks are becoming popular in concrete pavers as well — both textured and smooth-faced styles.

In addition to planks, people are also embracing large squares or rectangles with porcelain pavers. These newer paver materials are strong enough to handle the larger cuts and create that contemporary look you’re seeking.

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3. Ornate Patterns

You know the popular interior decor patterns that are all the rage? We’re talking about lattice, chevron, basketweave, and even waves. These same patterns are showing up outdoors in clay paver designs.

With the right professional design eye and a sharp brick cutter, any pattern is possible. While angular patterns are easy to imagine with square and rectangular pavers, serpentine pathways and circular patterns are also possible.

Depending on your paver shape, the possibilities are endless. Rectangular and plank pavers tend to be placed in staggered running bond or herringbone patterns. Incorporating unique borders or banding can also personalize a large space. Merging different colors of pavers is another way to create separation. Play with the possibilities by focusing the eye on one color for a pathway, and another hue for an entertainment space.

Entangled patterns that merge pavers with surrounding landscaping is also trending. Imagine a checkerboard pattern of squares with smaller stones or grass marking the spaces in between.

Landscape Paver Patio Possibilities

Paver patios are not simply a home addition anymore. They represent an outdoor extension of your indoor space, creating escapes for relaxation and gathering. And they can bring new life to any part of your landscape.

Choosing the perfect pavers and patio design can be overwhelming. That’s why finding the right landscape design partner can help take much of the frustration and guesswork out of the equation, so you can focus on all the grand plans you have for your new space.

Hiring a landscape professional who knows the trends and latest materials, and has the expertise to creatively design something unique for your space, is an important part of the process. The paver patio experience should be enjoyable, not stressful. You want to work with someone who asks questions and can present you with multiple ideas that fit your space and budget.

Rossen Landscape is here to bring your vision to life. Give our design experts a call today. We can discuss all of your options and create a custom plan for your space. Then all you have to do is relax and enjoy.