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5 Creative Corner Landscaping Ideas

Dress up the angles in your yard with beautiful natural and hardscaped elements.

A specially designed curio cabinet. A cozy chair with a bright throw pillow and side table. A tall, creative floor lamp. A full, lush, green tropical plant.

The ideas for indoor corners are countless. But have you ever considered that your outdoor corners need some attention, too?

Your backyard size can be large or small, but you can still make an impact and make your corners cozy and useful.

Try these corner landscaping ideas to elevate your backyard experience.

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A cozy seating area

If you find yourself with a triangular plot of land, creating a far corner, it can leave you perplexed. A rectangular or square patio or element certainly won’t do here.

You can create a seating area and make it a place to view your yard from a different perspective. A corner sofa or cozy chairs may fit perfectly and modern stools on the opposite sides can add seating and a welcoming feel without impeding views.

Add plants that grow up and over trellises or fence edges to soften the harsh corner angle.

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A fire pit

Corners are the perfect places to add warmth and light. And nothing brings warmth and light more than a fireplace or fire pit.

In fact,’s latest research says outdoor fireplaces are one of the most common additions to adapt outdoor spaces for year-round use. You don’t have to run inside as temperatures dip because the fireplace warmth keeps everyone comfortable. And the dark is no longer a problem because the dancing flames bring light.

A fireplace or fire pit can also add value to your home by extending your time spent outdoors. In fact, according to a survey of more than 6,000 realtors, a 10-foot diameter, natural stone gas fire pit can yield on average 67% return on investment.

Talk about a valuable corner landscaping idea.

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A water feature

Not into fire? How about another element — water? This is a corner landscaping idea that makes a splash.

A trickling water feature can be designed in a vertical way that perfectly fills a corner. On top of that, it brings an incredible sensory experience to your landscape. The water itself lends a dynamic visual. Its touch is cool and refreshing. Its sound is melodic and soothing.

A small pond with a waterfall won’t overpower a small space, and it has the benefit of drawing people in. You can incorporate water lilies and koi fish for color and to add another element: scent from nearby floral accents.

Even a water fountain can fit in a nook and call attention to an otherwise neglected area of your yard.

Out-of-the-box ideas

Have children, but don’t want to add the same old playground structure to your space that seems to take up too much room?

A corner climbing wall can tuck out of the way and provide a place for the kids to work out that extra energy. Rock walls can even be made to look natural and blend in. That’s a corner landscaping idea that will be well-used but won’t be an eyesore.


Creative landscape elements

A tall tree and vibrant, vivid flowers can become a corner landscaping idea that generates a sculptural element that is natural and visually appealing. Some trees like Japanese maples have a unique shape with funky and twisting branches and five-fingered, pointy leaves that make them special in a corner space.

You can even tier your garden to create height into the corner with layers of grasses and colors.

Looking for creative, custom ways to elevate your landscape corners? We’d love to help you achieve a space that can ease your worries and extend your outdoor living enjoyment. Learn more about gardens we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation about how we can bring your dream landscape to life.