Dive In to Pool Designs

A private pool is designed to be a feature that promotes both relaxation and entertainment.

Hot days spent swimming and lounging morph into balmy nights with your toes in the water and a cool drink in hand. Surrounded by lush plantings and the perfect lines of a well-designed hardscape, you’ve got yourself a resort-worthy space right in your own backyard.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a light on the importance of being comfortable with spending long stretches of time at home. Perfecting your property can help you feel as if you’ve upgraded your stay-cation to a luxury escape.

When you start thinking about adding a pool or enhancing your existing one, let your imagination go beyond the basic. After all, nobody likes a cookie-cutter approach. Here are some unique concepts for private pool designs.

Built-in ledges and bars

Why let the resorts have all the fun? There’s nothing quite like a swim-up bar, where you can relish in aqua-therapy while sitting comfortably belly-up with your drink of choice. Built-in stools and sunning ledges are perfect for afternoon lounging and entertaining without ever having to get out of the pool.

Imitating Nature

Nature seems to get it right when it comes to water features serving up some of the most breathtaking swimming spots on the planet. If you’re a lover of natural settings, there are ways to make your backyard pool design mimic Earth’s work.

Historically, typical pools have been painted with a light blue to look like the sea, but some pool owners are now opting for a darker hue for a lagoon-like setting. As added bonuses, darker pools retain heat better and can mask small imperfections like debris or aging pool plaster.

Saltwater pools are nothing new, but they are becoming more common. While chlorine pools can be harsh on eyes and skin, saltwater pools are gentler on the body.


Smart lighting

Ambient lighting in general can make or break a pool experience, particularly for twilight or night swims. The right lighting sets the appropriate mood for your dip — whether it’s for a party, a romantic date-night, or a relaxing evening after a long day.

Now, you’re not limited to just one color or style of lighting. Smart lights can be controlled remotely to set the perfect brightness and hue for the scene you’re going for. When you’re done for the evening, just head inside and let the automatic timer turn off the lighting for you.


Detailed, geometric hardscaping

Named one of the biggest trends of 2020 by National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), ornate hardscaping gives your outdoor space that extra professional and artistic touch. If you’re a fan of chevron or wave patterns in your interior decorating, what might that look like as part of the hardscaping around your pool? Or, perhaps you’re into the classic basketweave look, or a series of spiralized pebbles for a unique, picturesque patio. Adding intricate stonework creates next-level visuals to enhance the entire area around your pool.


Lavish poolside landscaping

The plants around your pool area have a big impact on your outdoor living experience. First and foremost, they’re the backdrop to your backyard escape. Depending on your style, they can provide privacy screening, subtle fragrance, and/or stunning visuals to accompany your pool days.

Opt for plants that are beautiful to look at but won’t drop an excessive amount of debris, which can become an annoyance on top of clogging pool filters. Likewise, you’ll want to steer clear of having trees with large roots planted close to the pool, or else they may encroach on the space and lift or crack your paver pool decks. Aim for plants that are high style to fit with the vision you have for your outdoor space without risking damage.

A professional landscape company can help design a poolside landscape that fits with your personality as well as the unique characteristics of your property.

Rossen Landscape is highly skilled in creating custom pool designs and installations that fit perfectly with your landscape. Contact us today to talk through your ideas and get started on creating your ideal backyard retreat.