Driveway Detail

Driveway Scapes That Elevate Your Estate

Make them say "oooh" during the drive-up

Whether you’re building a new home or upgrading your outdoor living spaces, there are some essential areas you should never leave out.

Obviously, you want a place to enjoy nature and the outdoors. You may crave a space to entertain or cook outside. You may even want a pool or hottub to cool down on hot summer days or warm up as the weather cools or when you need a good soak. And, of course, there are the plants that accompany the hardscapes. Fragrant, floral perennials to bring lively scents and shades; thick, lush evergreens for privacy; and strong, tall trees for shade.

But in this whole scenario, have you forgotten an important element? What about your driveway? Your front yard’s visual appeal can dampen with just a boring concrete strip. Imagine how you can enhance that space to lift up your whole estate frontage. Let’s talk through some modern driveway ideas.


Consider Pavers Over Concrete

No one wants a cracked, uneven or stained driveway that ruins their overall aesthetic.

You’re already putting effort and investing dollars in creating and maintaining your inside and outside. Sure, you can use traditional concrete to repave your driveway, but landscape pavers can be a more elegant option for boosting grand appeal, eliminating headaches and matching the rest of your high-end landscape.

Today’s modern driveways go beyond the norm. Cobblestone pavers or modular pavers in different shapes, colors or patterns can take your driveway from bland to glam. Light and dark toned pavers can be used together for a powerful impact. A herringbone pattern is traditional and chateau-like. A diagonal design can counter a horizontal or vertical home pattern — siding, for instance — amplifying its overall appearance. Cobblestone can bring an antique, English garden feel. Sleek, large paver stones can create a contemporary look.

While many driveways are short and straight, altering the shape can add a visual element. It can be a guide for visitors as they meander to your entrance. A circular modern driveway, for instance, brings another hardscape shape to your space and makes room to incorporate grasses, flowering plants and even statuary. Then it becomes more than a driveway; it becomes an experience.

Ornamental Kale.jpg

Go Beyond Just the Surface

Updating your modern driveway surface is one way to make it stand out and elevate your estate landscape.

But there are other ways to enhance your driveway space to give it impact.

  • Line your driveway with eye-catching landscaping.
  • Add masonry columns to the entry sides of your driveway for a grand arrival.
  • Add a statue to the side of your driveway (or the middle of a very wide driveway or driveway circle) to showcase your personality or unique style.
  • Brick columns flanking the sides of your driveway can accentuate a brick home and incorporate house numbers or even your mailbox.
  • Lighting can create an elegant evening ambiance.
  • Gates can boost privacy and complete your estate.
  • An edge or a raised edge — maybe in a contrasting color — can protect your turf edges and add another design element.
  • A coordinating walkway that leads off of your driveway guides visitors in and completes the look.

Ready for a modern driveway to take your Washington, D.C. area estate to that next level? Contact Rossen Landscape. We’ll show you what various materials look and feel like so your decision becomes easy. Learn more about gardens we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation about how we can give you an elegant driveway that matches the rest of your landscape.