Enhancing Community Life, One Project at a Time

At Rossen Landscape, we believe the people who make up our community are the foundation of our business.

Being a small business means being a part of our local community. In fact, 75 percent of small businesses donate an average of 6 percent of their profits to local community causes, according to research from SCORE.

Donations involve not only dollars but also time and expertise to better local areas and boost community interaction and engagement.

At Rossen Landscape, we believe the people who make up our community are the foundation of our business. As such, we take pride in supporting local nonprofits and community organizations.

At the end of May, Rossen donated time, design expertise and plant material to the Great Falls Little League. Here’s more about how this Earth Day community service project improved a popular local gathering space.


Choosing a Special Community Project

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Great Falls Little League experienced some challenges. They lost revenue because kids couldn’t sign up for baseball. And that depleted their already limited funds to maintain the baseball fields, particularly Nike Park, a local summer hangout for kids and their parents.

Rossen Landscape owner Jeff Rossen saw how the fields needed some attention. He contacted the little league and came up with a plan. He wanted to get his employees involved in a day of community service where they could do some serious work to improve the park grounds and help keep the field thriving for 2021.

“They have some funds, but not enough to improve the park the way it needs it,” Rossen said. “It’s been neglected for a while, and we wanted to help.”


Much-Needed Renovations

Nike Park wasn’t dilapidated by any means, but some areas definitely need a boost.

On Rossen’s to-do list for this Earth Day community service project were the following tasks to get the field into prime shape for summer baseball:

  • Renovate the pitching mounds and practice mounds
  • Clean up the batting cages
  • Paint the dugouts
  • Re-edge the walks
  • Update the landscaping around the snack shack
  • Renovate beds and incorporate native plants into the landscape
  • Replace rotting wood on the scorekeeper’s shed


Engaging Employees

In addition to bettering the local community, giving back helps engage employees. In fact, SCORE’s research says 93 percent of employees who volunteer with their company are happier with their employer. It boosts morale and well-being, strengthens camaraderie and improves employee leadership. As active volunteers and community supporters, Rossen employees have this pride in their work and their company. This all means, in turn, that Rossen Landscape employees work harder for you — the customer.

Rossen Landscape pays employees fully for their community service day. The benefits have a ripple effect in the company, Rossen said. Employees feel better about helping the community and feel like they are a part of something bigger.

“It’s a great day for the community, my employees, and everyone who visits Nike Park,” Rossen said.

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