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Extend Your Living Space With an Outdoor Room

Bring luxury to your outdoor spaces

An outdoor room is more than just an open-air spot to entertain. It is a dedicated space that’s an extension of your home, with elements that ease the transition from interior spaces to an exterior garden or lawn.

Whether it’s a porch, deck, screened-in sunroom, covered terrace, or patio wrapped with tall hedges, an outdoor living space can be designed as a quiet retreat or as an entertaining area for gatherings of family and friends.

If you have an existing deck or patio, or you’re starting from scratch, working with a landscape company to create a true outdoor room is a way to extend your living space and add value and comfort to your home. Consider these tips when settling on a design.


Setting the Stage

To create a true outdoor room, there needs to be defined boundaries. This starts with the floor and can be achieved by using a variety of materials, including wooden or composite decking, as well as stones, pavers, bricks or even artificial turf.

Most current landscape paver trends are inspired by popular indoor looks, so while old world or farmhouse styles are losing steam, more modern looks — clean lines and sleek shades — are in. The latest textures resemble indoor favorites; for instance, you can now get porcelain pavers in popular wood-grain textures.

Think about how you’ll be using the space in order to determine the correct size for your outdoor room. For dining tables, it’s best to have at least three feet of space on each side to accommodate chairs and foot traffic. If you plan to host small, intimate dinner parties or seek a small lounge area, you don’t need to plan for a massive entertaining space.

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Add a Roof

To help further define the space and add comfort, a roof — or the suggestion of a roof — is recommended.

Whether it’s an actual roof attached to your house or a custom canvas awning, the privacy, shade and protection from inclement weather will go a long way toward making your outdoor room an extension of your home. For more of a garden look, consider a pergola, which adds definition and will provide dappled shade with future vine growth.

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Mood Lighting

Extend your outdoor enjoyment as the sun sets with the right kind of lighting. Rather than spotlights or bright overhead fixtures, go with a more subtle look for an outdoor room.

Professionally installed landscape lighting can be unseen at its source but cast just the right amount of light on focal points, plants or outdoor living structures you need to see to navigate the space. Lighting in the right tones, such as golds over whites, can also bring a soothing vibe and calming mood to the space. Try a few different sources of light around the perimeter of your outdoor room for functionality and visual interest.

Aside from allowing you to entertain after dark, lighting systems enhance the natural beauty of the garden, highlighting decorative features on your patio and illuminating beautiful trees in your yard to create alluring ambiance.


Creature Comforts

Once the foundation of your outdoor room is in place, it’s time to add furniture and accessories, which will truly transform the area into the living space you envision. Look for comfortable furnishings and easy-care fabrics for a practical, yet welcoming look. Consider an outdoor rug made of synthetic material to make the space look even more room-like.

While neutral tones are relaxing, a splash of color keeps things interesting. Give the room a fresh look with graphic cushions and pillows, or pops of color in eye-catching planters. You can Create extra ambiance with greenery like hanging planters and trailing vines, as well as candles, artwork and other finishing touches.

Just keep in mind that your outdoor room should serve as an extension of your home, so strive for complementary designs that create a natural flow between the indoors and outdoors.

Looking for more information on creating outdoor rooms and backyard structures? We’d love to help you achieve a space that can extend your outdoor living enjoyment. Learn more about the entertaining spaces we design here or contact us for a consultation about how we can bring your dream landscape to life.