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Fall Flowers, Containers & Displays, Oh My!

What's your autumn style?

As the seasons change, decorating for each one is one of the best ways to fully enjoy them all, jam-packing them with color and creativity. Spring and summer bring blooms in all shapes and sizes. Arrangement combinations are endless. And winter brings evergreens and their lovely pine scent mixed with holly berries, eucalyptus, and snow-dusted branches to set the holiday mood.

What about autumn? This festive season may be the most fun for creating fall planter box displays and containers overflowing with rich hues. The combinations for texture, depth and accessories have a wide range; you can create multiple themes for stand-out displays that elevate your entryways and seating areas, welcoming guests for fall’s best get-togethers.

As you look around for inspiration, though, sometimes all you see are pumpkins, mums and cornstalks. These aren’t bad additions, but they aren’t the only ways to celebrate the season. Luckily, fall brings much more to the scene.

Here are some creative decor ideas to give your garden that autumn glow you’re after.

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Add height

Chrysanthemums are lovely on their own — and they come in so many colors — but you can elevate the look by adding a little height and opposing leaf shape and texture.

Use ornamental grasses that come in green, gold and purple hues as an eye-popping addition to your fall containers.

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Let foliage shine

Fall is the one time of year when foliage can beat flowers with its amazing range of royal, regal tones.

  • Ornamental kale brings varying shades of purples, hot pinks, lavenders and greens together for an impact that almost beats that of a large flower head. Use more than one kale texture and color for a dynamic display that no one will believe is all kale.
  • Swiss chard has eye-popping lime leaves with thick, ruby red veins.
  • Some coral bells varieties can incorporate toasty orange shades or deep purples to your fall planter box.
  • Golden creeping Jenny can add pops of bright green that dangle over container sides.
  • English ivy and variegated ivy can bring unique leaf shapes and green mixes that fill the bottoms of containers and grow down to add additional interest.
Fall display

Use gourds

Pumpkins get all the attention in fall. But gourds can bring the same festive fall feeling with a bit of a twist.

Their colors range from celadon to striped to tangerine. And their shapes range from pear to round to everything in between.

Place them around flowers in your containers for an extra festive touch.


Never underestimate bright colors and bold textures

While spring and summer may seem like they have endless options, fall brings a bounty as well.

For instance, the fuzzy foliage of large, silver sage leaves can bring a luxury element to your display. Pansies can add delicate touches of bold violet. Purple fountain grass can bring height with leafy yellows and rusts. And red twig dogwood stems can add pizzazz with tall bursts of red.

Canva - Chilli Pepper Plant.jpg

Don’t leave out ornamental peppers

Ornamental peppers are some of the cutest, most colorful, long-lasting additions to an autumn container.

They radiate in yellows, oranges and purples. What’s more, they add a different texture and shape to your fall planter box.


Don’t forget the container

Looking for other ways to add an autumn touch? Try choosing planter boxes or containers that coordinate and pop just as much as your floral displays do.

  • Tall, thin containers heighten the effect when you’re using long, straight stems and grasses.
  • Small containers make great accents. And when moved around, they can easily create new arrangements to change up your look.
  • Choose bright colored containers for eye-popping displays and pick plants in similar hues for a monochromatic effect or contrasting hues for impact.
  • Use farmhouse-style wooden planters for a rustic feeling.
  • Try elegant urns to flank your entryway mixed with similar hues for a warm welcome.

Looking for unique, elegant, and festive seasonal color displays? We’d love to help you achieve a look that sets your landscape apart and has the neighbors asking where you got those amazing containers and fall planter boxes. Learn more about containers and gardens we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation about how we can elevate your fall displays.