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Five Landscape Trends for Virginia in 2021

Stay ahead of the pack by incorporating modern trends in your design.

People are learning to appreciate the outdoors now more than ever. As such, they are spending more time in nature and creating more usable living spaces.

And the trend that grew in 2020 isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon in 2021.

Looking for some inspiration on how you can take your landscape to that next level of enjoyment — more of a getaway than just a gateway out of your home? Here are the top five 2021 landscape trends that can help spark some creative concepts as you envision your next-level backyard.

Native plants

Sustainable Landscaping With Native Plants

Using native plants is a sustainable way to maintain a thriving garden. Native plants provide great color and texture in your yard, and they can best tolerate your area’s unique weather conditions.

At Rossen Landscape, we have a goal of ensuring native plants make up 20 percent of all of our landscape designs.

Why? It’s better for the environment. Native plants are naturally insect resistant and cut down on any pesticides you may have to use in your landscape.

Native plants are also pollinator friendly, another reason more homeowners request them, and provide a ton of other benefits. We feel it’s our duty to provide our customers with environmentally friendly plant materials that will attract pollinators and birds, as well as benefit the whole ecosystem.

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Outdoor Living

Creating a true outdoor living space that is an extension of your indoor environment will continue to be popular in 2021 landscape renovations.

This includes designs that create a more natural flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as extend your usable time in the area. This means landscaping lighting and outdoor heating elements like fireplaces will add ambiance, as well as warmth and light to lengthen the days and enjoyment of your backyard — no matter what Mother Nature has to say about it.

Chesapeake Bay-area homeowners are getting creative by adding pergolas or screened porches for shade and to create that “roomy” feeling, as well as kitchens that include spaces for growing herbs, cooking, and dining al fresco — everything you need for a gourmet outdoor experience.

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Unwind Outside

Want a little more time to de-stress and unwind? Who doesn’t need more of that after getting through 2020?

People are creating more areas of relaxation in their backyards for just this purpose. Because they work from home more now than they have before, and travel has been limited, their new escapes are their landscapes.

Pools are now enveloped with more lounge areas filled with fragrant plants, areas for shade breaks, and even trickling fountains to bring in the soothing sounds of babbling brooks.

Think about it. That one uninspired corner might be the right secluded spot for your new yoga or meditation garden.

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Modern and Contemporary Textures

Old world and farmhouse styles are moving out, while more modern, contemporary looks are moving in.

So instead of natural cut stones in rough and tumble shapes, you’ll find cleaner lines on patios and hardscapes. Porcelain pavers are a great solution to meet this modern visual. As a form of ceramic, they are dense and strong, heavier than stone, but they also come with the perks of low maintenance and long life.

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Skip the Vacation; You’ve Got the Backyard

Why spend the time navigating new travel rules and challenges when you can vacation every night in your own well-designed outdoor oasis?

Homeowners focused on their yards while they socially distanced at home in 2020. And they started repurposing their cancelled vacation dollars on projects they’ve always wanted to see come to life in their landscapes. That will continue in 2021.

Maybe you’ve always wanted an outdoor patio complete with a television and sound system for watching sports or family movie night. Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of a high-end pool or spa for those hot summer days. Possibly you’ve wanted to add an elegant fire feature to bring dancing flames and light into your space. Nothing is off limits.

As you think about all of the fun additions or changes you can make to your outdoor space, you’re probably realizing there are so many options. It can be overwhelming. We understand. Even if you aren’t sure what you want to do with your yard, the design experts at Rossen Landscape can provide suggestions and use their creativity to make your vision a reality.