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How to Add Smart Home Features to Your Backyard

Bring tech-enabled convenience to your landscape

You have your smartphone and all your apps at the ready. They help make your life easier. They control your lights and your thermostat, making it simpler to set them automatically or change them at a moment’s notice. You can even turn on or off your security system today with just a touch of your thumb.

You might love your automatic blinds and refrigerator that thinks for you, adjusting temperatures as needed. Who wouldn’t want those luxuries outdoors as well?

There are backyard-friendly gadgets that can bring high-tech strategies to amplify your outdoor comfort and save you time adapting your high-end gadgets to Virginia’s seasonal weather changes.

Check out some of our favorites.


Let there be (smart outdoor) light

Landscape lights are built to withstand weather’s challenges like sunlight and water.

But now, in addition to being tough, they are also smart. You can control smart outdoor lighting from an app, turning lights on or off at will or maintaining or changing their schedules. Some even allow for mood changes via colored lights and dimmers, so you can easily switch from relaxation to party mode.

Embrace weather-friendly sound quality

Your patio and outdoor kitchen are great places for making dinner, entertaining, and enjoying time with family and friends over good food and drink.

Music certainly enhances the party with ambiance or just a lively beat. Your phone can only play music so loud. Your indoor speakers can only be heard outdoors if the windows are open. And your regular portable Bluetooth speaker may succumb to the wind, rain, and other outside elements.

The solution is an outdoor-friendly smart speaker system for hours of great sound without having to worry about Mother Nature’s mood swings.

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Take entertainment outdoors

You want to watch the game, but it’s too cold or too hot. Today, there are televisions that are designed to be used outside under your covered deck or pavilion or even in a sunnier spot, depending on the model.

And if you want to take movie night to the backyard, outdoor projectors can easily broadcast and stream your favorite flicks.

Water at will

Smart gardening becomes even simpler when you can control your landscape irrigation system from your phone.

Not only do these systems let you adjust their schedule from anywhere, but they also give you insight on when watering is necessary based on monitoring devices that track soil moisture and rainfall.

Looking for ways you can add some smarter technology like smart outdoor lighting to your backyard? Rossen Landscape would love to help you take your landscape to the next level with smarter home features. Contact us for a consultation.