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Is It Time to Upgrade or Renovate Your Outdoor Lighting System?

Lighting can make or break an aesthetic.

An outdoor lighting system can dramatically transform the appearance of your home and surrounding property. When properly maintained, a landscape lighting system can improve your home’s aesthetics and safety for years to come.

However, a lighting system will eventually reach the end of its lifespan or will require an upgrade. When is the right time to make the switch to an upgraded outdoor lighting system? Consider the following points to determine if your lighting system could use some improvements.

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Increasing Safety

Whether you’ve added pathways to your yard or your landscaping has grown significantly since you had the outdoor lighting system installed, adding more lighting may be needed over time. Traverse your yard after sundown to see if there are any “dark spots” that could use some illumination. Not only will this improve your yard’s appearance, adding needed fixtures will improve safety.

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Expanded Needs

Often, a system needs to be upgraded just because it’s no longer serving your needs due to a change in lifestyle or changes to the landscaping. Maybe you’ve added trees, a fountain or other landscape features that you now want to highlight. Or perhaps you entertain more than in the past, so now the backyard needs more light to enhance your outdoor living space.

Higher Electricity Costs

Older lights could be costing you more money due to their lower energy efficiency. If you find that your electric bills are climbing, consider new lights, which are designed to be brighter and more energy efficient. While there is a higher upfront cost, you’ll save money long-term. Switching from halogen bulbs to LED lighting decreases energy consumption, reducing your carbon footprint.

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Updated Appearance

Whether you moved into an older house, have done some renovations, or it’s been many years since you installed your outdoor lighting system, things might have become a little outdated. If you have older outdoor lights, it’s possible that they don’t complement the look of your home as well as you’d like. Updating your system can go a long way toward modernizing your property’s appearance.

Selecting the Right Partner

If it’s time for an outdoor lighting system upgrade or replacement, working with a landscape designer can make the process seamless while meeting the unique needs of your property. In order to select the best partner for the job, consider the following steps:

  1. Research services provided: Determine what services you’ll need and compare options.
  2. Explore qualifications and reputation: Check online reviews and go over qualifications, professional affiliations and awards.
  3. Interview your shortlist: Ask the same questions to each prospective company.
  4. Vet the top prospects: Reach out to current and former customers to hear about their personal experiences.
  5. Get estimates: This should include total cost, scope of the project, proposed start and completion dates, payment terms and warranty information.

With a larger selection of designs, materials and functionality than ever before, working with a landscape design company to select a modern lighting system for your home offers complete customization to create the aesthetic you desire.

Ready to boost your curb appeal and illuminate your outdoor living space? We’d love to help you create a landscape that meets your needs. Learn more about our outdoor lighting systems here or contact us for a consultation.