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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Irrigation System?

Don't let an old, outdated system become a sunk cost.

Appliances, electronics, vehicles and equipment always run great when they are new. Years down the road, though, is when you might notice things don’t work as well or more maintenance is required.

Your car is a great example. From oil changes to tire rotations, these regular maintenance tasks keep your engine running smoothly. But as you put miles on your car, it wears down, and you might need to make some bigger repairs, such as new brakes. But when more expensive repairs are needed, like a new transmission, that’s when you stop and reassess whether a repair or total replacement is the better option.

An irrigation system goes through a similar life cycle. You may find you need have sprinkler heads fixed each year or move or add zones as your landscape changes. But at some point you might be wondering if your landscape irrigation system needs an upgrade.

As advancements continue to make older systems seem obsolete, there are some signs you’ll want to look at to determine whether your older irrigation system is still serving your needs or whether a newer system or upgraded controller could save you more money in water savings down the road and improve the health of your landscape.

Let’s discuss some of the reasons you may need an irrigation system upgrade, so you can gain a better understanding of your options.

Spring bulbs

Has your landscape changed?

You may have planted small perennials or trees 10 years ago, but today those plants will be much bigger.

In other places, you may have added a patio or outdoor kitchen, and moved some landscape beds around as a result, or even added some in different places.

That means your current landscape irrigation system may not be working for you anymore. Maybe it’s not covering your new beds adequately or a grown tree is blocking a spray head from reaching other areas.

Upgrading your system by moving or adding heads or zones can fix the problem.


Do you think you’re wasting water?

Today’s landscape irrigation systems use much less water than those built decades ago.

Older irrigation systems might even be losing 50 percent or more of their water to wind, evaporation, or runoff.

Upgrading your irrigation system with a newer, more water-wise system can definitely decrease your water consumption and water bill. This is because newer technology factors in soil moisture and rainfall to avoid overwatering or watering at the wrong times.


Is your equipment outdated?

Upgrading your landscape irrigation system’s components can certainly help you save water and irrigate your lawn and plants wiser.

Controllers, for instance, have advanced quite a bit over the years. Smarter controllers use weather data about sun, shade and soil and plant type to boost irrigation accuracy. They can also be run from an app so they are convenient to operate and update.


Are you making a lot of irrigation repairs?

How often does your landscape irrigation system need fixed?

Do you find leaks in multiple spots every year? Are you making repeated repairs during one season? And, are your water bills increasing?

Answering yes to these questions might mean making a bigger upgrade or replacing your old irrigation system with a new, more modern one could save you a lot more water and money in the long run.

Ready to upgrade your landscape irrigation system so you are using less water, leading to a more sustainable landscape that looks better and saves you money on water bills? Contact Rossen Landscape. We’d love to bring our irrigation and water management expertise to your yard. Learn more about gardens we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation about how we can give you a better irrigation system.