Mulch Madness: It's Spring Prep Time!

Old Man Winter is finally releasing his chilly grip on your landscape. As he slowly backs away and those warmer temperatures roll in, you might notice he’s left quite a mark on your property.

You might see leftover leaf litter from fall, rough looking landscape beds, a sleepy lawn, and scraggly branches on trees and shrubs.

March, when temperatures become more consistently warm, is the perfect time to start that spring landscape maintenance.

And while cleaning up the overall look of your landscape is one part of this process, there are actually quite a few major benefits of a proper spring prep service.

Your Top 5 Spring Landscape Maintenance Questions Answered

Rossen Landscape Maintenance Division Manager Gregory Parrish answers your most pressing spring landscape maintenance questions so you can ditch the worries and get straight to enjoying your elegant landscape.


What Maintenance Items Are Important to Address in Spring and Why?

In spring, we like to think about preparing the yard for growth and regeneration.

We edge landscape beds, clean up leaf litter and debris, and add a preemergent herbicide to lawns and beds to fight weeds before their start. We’re also prepping the lawn and some plant materials with fertilizer so they are ready for the coming burst of growth.

Next, a mulch application puts the finishing touch on the landscape, making your yard look polished and primed for all the flowers and greenery to come.


What Benefits Does Mulching Bring Aside From Aesthetics?

While mulch does put a finishing touch on the landscape picture, elevating its look, it also brings amazing benefits.

  • Mulch helps moderate soil temperatures, keeping them cool.
  • Mulch retains moisture in the soil, which is important for plant growth.
  • Mulch adds organic matter back into the soil as it breaks down, giving plants a source of nutrients.
  • Mulch helps suppress weeds, those pesky, unwanted visitors we definitely don't want to see taking over our gardens.

How Does Rossen Landscape Make Sure Yards Are Prepped For The Season?

We believe in proactive communication. In March, we’re reaching out to all of our customers, educating them on the spring landscape maintenance to come and discovering their preferred timing for mulch applications.

Irrigation spray.jpg

How Do You Set Up a Maintenance Schedule With Clients?

When we contact our clients before spring to educate them on the timing for spring cleanups and mulch applications, we also talk to them about their preferences with garden maintenance. While spring landscape prep starts March 1, our regular mowing and maintenance work typically starts April 1.

If you have an irrigation system, after the threat of frost is passed, scheduling an irrigation startup service is also important so your landscape receives the water it needs as the days grow longer and temperatures heat up. Our irrigation team will also educate you on proper watering to ensure you’re not wasting water or overwatering your precious plants.

What Does a Client Need to Know About Spring Maintenance?

Preparation is so important for the landscape. When we perform the right tasks at the right times throughout the year, the growing season rewards us in the form of full, happy plants and bountiful blooms.

As an example, when we’re cutting back a plant that grows on new shoots at the right time, we’re rewarded with amazing displays the next growing season. If we didn't know the plant material as well as we do and cut back a plant that likes to bloom on old wood, we’d miss out on those flowers for the year.

Proper plant identification and preparation makes those amazing landscapes you desire come to life.

Ready For Spring?

After a long winter, all you want is to bask in spring’s glow. We don’t blame you.

Don’t let a scraggly landscape or nagging weeds ruin your plans. Embrace spring landscape maintenance now and reap the benefits. Your yard will thank you for taking the time to give it a little TLC.

Contact us today. The maintenance experts at Rossen Landscape can create a custom garden maintenance schedule for your space and keep your landscape shining throughout the year. All you’ll have left to do is sit back and take it all in.