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Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Lighting Shining Bright

An outdoor lighting system can dramatically transform the appearance of your home and surrounding property, but it’s an investment that must be properly maintained to keep operating and looking its best.

Rossen’s team of outdoor lighting artisans offers creative solutions using state-of-the-art fixtures and materials, as well as a vast array of brands and styles to achieve the look you want. Our trained technicians troubleshoot and maintain your outdoor lighting, providing routine maintenance that can help prevent costly repairs in the future and keep your system in top shape.

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Outdoor Lighting Maintenance Checklist

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to lighting maintenance.

  1. Trim plants and trees
    It’s important to cut back any vegetation that is on the fixture, too close to the fixture or blocking the light. Not only will clearing away obstructions help avoid damage to fixtures, it will allow them to properly illuminate your yard, home and landscaping. This step also makes it easier to perform other cleaning and maintenance tasks.
  2. Remove debris from fixtures
    Over time, fixtures can become blocked or partially covered by grass, plants, mulch, leaves, dirt and mud. Even a small amount of blockage can decrease the lumens a light gives off or block the light in certain directions, so this simple step improves illumination and lengthens the life of your fixtures.
  3. Clean internal reflectors and lenses
    The internal reflector is the part of the lamp that surrounds the bulb. This area protects the bulb, but also reflects the light out into the desired direction. Wiping off the internal reflectors will help remove any foreign materials, allowing them to do their job. Since lenses can become coated by dirt, debris and hard water spots — all of which block the light emitting from the lamp — clean the lenses to restore their brightness.
  4. Check for exposed or damaged wire
    Your landscape lighting’s wiring should be underground in order to keep people and pets from tripping over it or damaging the system. Over time, it is possible for cables to become exposed, which can lead to damage. If exposed wiring appears to be undamaged or uncompromised, it can be reburied. However, damaged or compromised wiring needs to be repaired or replaced before it is reburied.
  5. Check fixtures for damage
    It’s important to check fixtures for broken lenses, dented metal, corrosion or other damage, and then replace compromised parts. Also check whether the wires have become disconnected from the fixture. Any fixtures with significant damage should be replaced.
  6. Replace bulbs and lamps
    Replace any bulbs that aren’t working, taking time to look for areas in your lighting installation that appear dimmer than other areas. These bulbs should be replaced before they burn out completely, especially if they are lighting up walkways, steps or changes in elevation that can cause a hazard. LED lamps do burn out over time and need to be replaced eventually, as well.
  7. Clean components and lenses
    Before cleaning the glass on outdoor lighting fixtures, metal and plastic components can be cleaned with a soft rag and soapy water. The same cleaning method, or a gentle glass cleaner, can then be used for the lenses.
  8. Ensure fixtures are properly positioned
    Changes in landscaping, ground settling, harsh weather and accidental bumps can cause fixtures to change position over time. Check to see if fixtures need to be moved or readjusted.

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Benefits of Working With a Professional

Hiring a landscape lighting professional to install and maintain your outdoor lighting system ensures the best possible end result. These professionals not only help bring your ideas to life, the also offer the following benefits:

Save Money

High-quality fixtures that are properly matched, installed and suited to your home’s unique features will last longer and perform better than lower-cost options available online and at big box retailers. An expert can help you avoid costly mistakes, boost curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

Save Time and Hassle

An outdoor lighting designer provides a professional assessment based on your lighting needs, wants and desires. They will create a solid plan of action with options for lighting your home and property, whether it’s installed all at once or done in phases.

Act as a Liaison

If you’re starting from scratch or planning a remodel, a professional landscape lighting designer will work with you and your architect, builder or contractor during all stages of your project.

Access to Resources

A professional can get high-quality products that are not accessible to the general public, giving your home a more unique and cohesive style. They also can recommend the best types of fixtures and lighting, as well as their ideal placement.

Rossen Landscape’s team of expert outdoor lighting artisans offers creative solutions using state-of-the-art fixtures and materials. Learn about installing and maintaining the outdoor lighting system you’ve always dreamed of. Browse our lighting portfolio, then reach out to discuss your vision.