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What, Exactly, is a Boutique Experience?

A great landscaping company goes beyond cutting, planting and design.

When choosing a custom landscaping professional to create and maintain your estate, there are services, and then there are experiences. You hire a service provider to resolve an issue, fix a problem or deliver a result. But what if you want more than that?

Not all companies offer something beyond service. Service is what you expect; experiences are what you discover, and they are usually delightfully unexpected. This above-and-beyond level of service is what we call a boutique experience.

“The boutique experience offers a customized project pathway, providing clients with the personal touch they both desire and deserve, every step of the way,” said Andrea Eastridge, Production Coordinator at Rossen Landscape. “The client is nurtured through the design, materials selection, timeline presentation, onsite project management and, of course, the grand finale, the completed project.”

A boutique experience stretches beyond just service. You feel valued. Appreciated. There’s clear communication, and easy conversations around customized approaches. Rossen Landscape prides itself in providing a highly tailored, boutique experience for each and every one of our clients. Here are some of the reasons why we may be for you.

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It’s personal

When you choose a boutique landscaping business, your experience will be much more personal. This means you’re working with people who are more like friends than service professionals. They know your name, and they take into account your preferences, such as service times and plant choices.

You are in direct contact with experts dedicated to beautifying and nurturing your space. Decisions aren’t made in a blanket fashion; they are specifically focused on your yard’s unique attributes and challenges. You never have to worry about anything related to your landscape — you are always taken care of.

A landscaping professional providing a boutique experience will also more quickly address your concerns and questions because they prioritize quality and not quantity. At Rossen Landscape, we build long-lasting relationships with you and rather than making you feel like just another customer, you feel like you’re a true priority.

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Professionalism is paramount

Our landscapers embrace professionalism in every aspect of their work. Your crew will be on time, use proper materials and equipment, and always be in uniform when on your grounds. A boutique experience means we are literally at your service whenever you need us.

You receive concierge treatment when it comes to communication. We set and manage proper expectations, and communicate clearly and professionally both verbally and in writing, responding quickly to inquiries.

You will feel heard — we will listen to your ideas and answer your questions. Your feedback is highly valued and your utmost satisfaction is extremely important. If we make any mistakes, we own it, and we fix it.


We care — about you, about the environment, and about quality

When a boutique business is tending to your beloved estate or creating your dream space, their employees treat your home and landscape like it's their own. They don’t take shortcuts. They build and maintain areas that they know will last; they are proud of their work, and they look forward to seeing you enjoy these spaces.

Nothing is done without giving it the consideration and planning it deserves. If an environmentally friendly process will get the job done just as well or better than one that harms the planet, we go the responsible route.

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Customer service is never an afterthought

When you choose a boutique custom landscaping experience, you’re choosing the ultimate in white-glove service. Our mission is to create an environment that nurtures and delights our team, our clients and our community. That means consistently exceeding expectations, and showing our appreciation in creative ways beyond verbal and written thank-yous.

“We have a surprise and delight campaign, and our clients love it,” said Jeff Rossen, owner of Rossen Landscape. “We surprise them with spring bulbs or a flower planting, or drop off a pumpkin with a note for Halloween. We delivered beautiful amaryllis bulbs to our clients before Christmas and the bulbs grew on their countertops over the following months, blooming beautifully in February.”

The boutique level of service goes beyond the basics: It’s the ultimate in responsiveness, accountability and true prioritization. Ultimately, it proves that you matter as a client, and that we’re willing to provide you with the best experience, in all ways, always.

You have many options when choosing a custom landscaping professional. If you are focused on quality and personal attention, then a boutique business may be your ideal option. Our dedicated team of landscape professionals prides itself in delivering an exceptional experience. We delight in making your landscape shine and making you smile. Learn more about gardens we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation about how we can level up your service experience.