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What's involved in the landscape design process?

Planning the perfect outdoor space takes creativity, vision, and skill.

You’re a unique individual. You dress the way that suits you. You drive a car that pleases you. You have a job that fits your distinctive skill set.

As such, your landscape should also fit your exclusive lifestyle, allowing you to balance your busy schedule with outside enjoyment.

Using landscaping materials like stone, water, plant materials and light in an artistic way can create a space that is all your own, while also serving in a functional and practical design for your specific needs.

There are some essential elements that are part of this creative, proven process when we’re determining how to best display your ideal outdoor spaces.

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The discovery phase

One of the most important parts of the design and landscaping materials selection process is our initial conversations to discuss your vision.

We’re looking at site constraints and opportunities in your space, developing a budget and assembling the right design team that will be best for your project.

To prepare for this discussion, you have to think about a few things so you can realistically describe what you’re looking for.

For instance, think about how you spend time outside. Do you like to entertain? Cook? Garden? Relax? Play? All of the above? This can dictate the types of elements and nooks you might enjoy most in your dream backyard.

You’ll also want to think about specific components. While it’s easy to picture your landscape as a whole, if you desire certain special items, you don’t want to leave them out of the discussion. If you’re regularly entertaining into the evening, for example, you’ll likely want lighting and perhaps a fire feature. If you’re a water-lover, fountains or rock walls can make great pool additions that give your space an edge. Outdoor living elements like audio/visual additions are important to include in your budget if you plan to watch games or entertain outside.


Creativity is an essential part of the process

When it comes to creativity, every detail matters in your landscape design. Nothing about Rossen Landscape projects are cookie-cutter. That means paying attention to the smallest details.

For instance, many times you’ll see retaining walls end at 90-degree corners. But a random corner sitting in the middle of a landscape can negatively impact the eye. Instead, a creative landscape designer may add a stone column or specimen boulder with moss growing on it that was hand-picked for your project. He or she may even curve the corner so it seamlessly flows with the rest of the landscape.

You want to work with a landscape professional who has this creative excitement and vision.


Specimen selection

Creative landscape designers and architects think outside of the box when it comes to selecting the landscaping materials for your outdoor project. This means looking beyond what’s just available locally.

Rossen Landscape pros, for example, have flown to the Tennessee mountains to hand-select boulders and stones so they have just the right look and impact in your space. One-of-a-kind pieces of living art transform a space from bland to glam.

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A yard that makes you happy

A landscape designer’s job isn’t just to design a space, placing trees here, plants there and hardscapes throughout.

Truly, a landscape designer’s job is to make you happy. To do that means creating something exceptionally unique to you and your yard.

Having a space that is unlike anything else out there or that you can’t find anywhere else is meant to suit you — and only you. And there’s no better space for you to be able to enjoy for years to come than one that faithfully fits your matchless and rare ideals and wishes.

Ready to get creative in your landscape? We’d love to bring our custom landscaping materials selection process and design to your space. Learn more about gardens we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation about how we can craft an outdoor space that is truly unique.