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Which Type of Water Feature Is Right for You?

There's nothing more hypnotic than the sound and sight of water

The trickling of a stream, the whooshing of a waterfall, the bubbling of a fountain. Nothing beats the sounds a contemporary water feature can bring to your backyard oasis. It’s instant relaxation and an intoxicating focal point in your garden all at the same time.

After a long, hard day, the hums and hush of a water feature can help you de-stress. And the birds, dragonflies, and frogs they bring add another natural, soothing sensation. These are the sounds that make up relaxation music or the background of a yoga class, but you don’t have to go anywhere to get them.

You can’t deny the many benefits of installing water features in your yard. But when planning one, you have to consider the style you want to achieve, as well as some other factors, such as the size of your space and any unique landscape attributes that might impact installation.

Ready to add a water feature? Here are some options available and how you can choose the right one for your space.


Natural-looking ponds

Natural ponds are contemporary water features that are dug out, and with the help of liners, pumps and rocks, they create a space that looks like it’s been there forever, forged out of the environment itself.

Ponds can be adorned with small or large water features that meander over unique boulders and stones to create a truly custom, one-of-a-kind look in your landscape. The movement of water, drops, rocks, and shape are all unique to each pond.


Waterfall wonders

Maybe you feel like a pond, and maybe you just feel like a waterfall. With a waterfall, you can get the trickling of falling water and the vertical interest of a contemporary water feature without needing to reserve the large space necessary for an entire pond.

For small or tight-fitting spaces or for areas nearby patios or other hardscape elements, waterfalls can add just that right touch of nature without taking up your whole yard.


Fun fountains

Looking for a little sculpture to go with your contemporary water feature?

Then you might opt for a fountain. Fountains are highly adaptable to your space constraints, as well as your unique style.

Fountains can be grand or delicate. They can also be modern with clean lines or include detailed elements that remind you of baroque gardens.

As standalone features, fountains can be placed anywhere. And, depending on the sound you’re seeking, you can go with lazy dribbles or more of a steady flow.


Bubblers for your backyard

Want to feel like you’re visiting a hot spring right in your backyard?

Then embrace bubblers, which create the impression of water welling up from the earth or a structure. Just like other contemporary water features, bubblers can be custom-designed to be as small or large as you need, creating visual appeal and enticing sounds. They can be added almost anywhere – around your patio, near your outdoor kitchen or even integrated into your pool to enhance the surrounding environment. They are also easy to maintain.


Steady streams

If you have an extensive estate, and you’d like a water feature to connect multiple spaces in your backyard, maybe a stream is best for you.

A stream can offer a natural landscape effect that includes the pleasing sounds of water flowing but doesn’t require much vertical lift.

These contemporary water features can be very unique and designed to fit your specific landscape.

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Wonderful water walls

For something more vertical, water walls are newer contemporary water features that add structure and the elegance of water flowing down a masonry wall, boosting serenity in your space.

This type of feature also brings in texture and color, depending on the material you use. Add landscape lighting and you accentuate your evenings outdoors with a glimmering effect as light hits water.

Looking for creative, custom ways to elevate your landscape with contemporary water features? We’d love to help you achieve a space that can ease your stress and extend your outdoor living enjoyment. Learn more about gardens we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation about how we can bring your dream landscape to life.