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Amplify Your Front Yard Curb Appeal

You may enjoy spending time in your backyard, but the front yard deserves some attention, too.

The front yard is your curb appeal, your face forward, your greeting to the rest of the world.

And because a great outdoor space is important for your well-being — in fact, spending at least 120 minutes per week in nature can enhance your overall sense of health and physical well-being, says a study published in the Nature journal — creating luxury front yard landscaping ensures you’re making the most of your entire property.

Here are some ways to take your front yard to the next level.


The front yard = your first impression

Your front yard says a lot about who you are, including your personal style.

A tidy landscape can also finish a home, showing others that you care for your property and enticing more prospective buyers if you’re selling. In fact, people searching for a home believe good landscaping is indicative of better housekeeping, and it can boost your home value by 14 percent and speed the sale of your home by six weeks.

Curb appeal is important. It shows pride of ownership. But luxury front yard landscaping can do even more than that.

It can be the elegant frame to your home, causing passers-by to do a double take and drawing admiring glances from visitors and neighbors.

It can also bring continuity to your landscape. A backyard that flows smoothly to the front and around the whole home creates a total picture. Using elements that tie seamlessly together creates one whole package that serves multiple purposes.


Unique ways to elevate your front yard

From simple, lush garden beds and topiary containers to elegant, custom walkways, moody landscape lighting, and sculptures, a well-designed front yard can lift up your estate.

While the specific plans your landscape designer creates will be unique to your home architecture, preferences, and practical needs, here are some luxury front yard landscaping ideas to inspire you.

  • Hardscapes aren’t just for backyard patios and hangouts. Hardscape elements like intricate step work, brick or stone walkways, and even boulders can create a front yard that is more than the face of your property, but rather an oasis to explore.
  • A water fountain can add an estate feel that brings the senses into the picture with the soothing sound of trickling water.
  • Plant material of different heights and textures combined with a variety of seasonal color can create a powerful combination, giving your home a unique view during various times of year, so you’re never bored with the look.
  • Instead of only thinking of a large expanse of lawn, incorporate manicured gardens into your front yard. These can include focal points along patterned stone walkways combined with raised garden beds and sculptures to create a journey for you and your guests as they enter your property.
  • Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting can elevate the mood and glamour of your space with well-placed spotlights and shadows.

Incorporating privacy … even in the front yard

Just because you’re designing your front yard landscaping doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate nooks and crannies to add some privacy and a touch of mystery and intrigue.

Grow a variety of plants, for instance, with trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and perennial flowers, in areas where you want to boost privacy. A hedge row can create a formal space that acts as a living fence to separate your front yard from the street and sidewalk beyond.

You can build a private seating area or courtyard to the side of your front yard with plants, a structure like a pergola, or a stone wall to add borders to the space.

Trellis screens can bring the gorgeous view and delightful scent of flowers, as well as add some seclusion.

For a front yard that steals the neighborhood show, contact Rossen Landscape. We’d love to bring our custom landscape design experience and eye to your forward-facing outdoor space. Learn more about gardens we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation about how we can give your front yard that extra something special.