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Deck and Patio Ideas for Small Spaces

Good things come in small spaces

An outdoor entertaining space doesn’t have to be sprawling to accommodate a memorable event with family and friends. If your home offers a limited footprint for landscape design, rest assured that you can still create the entertaining space of your dreams, whether that’s a peaceful oasis just for your family or an inviting space where you can entertain.

With some inspiration and planning, small spaces can offer the same entertaining value as larger decks and patios. Consider the following space-saving options if your deck or patio is on the smaller side.

Keep It Clear

Whether it’s an outdoor structure or open patio, a space that’s on the smaller side shouldn’t be cluttered. Too much furniture, plants and decorations will make the space feel claustrophobic. Instead, keep decorative items to a minimum and make sure the floor remains as clear as possible, allowing guests to move more freely throughout the space.


Functional Furniture

Focus on smaller-scale furniture rather than oversized pieces. Save crucial space by opting for a round table instead of a square one, or a bistro set for an even smaller option. Skip the boxy sectional and go for a pair of lounge chairs with a small table between them. For really tight spaces, consider bench seating or keeping quality foldaway chairs on hand for extra guests.

Multi-use furniture also saves space — and offers storage. For example, a bench offers cozy seating while providing storage under the seat; some tables offer a detachable serving tray or internal storage compartments; and a fire pit with a built-in table or border shelf doubles as a place to rest glasses and small dishes.

Entertaining Options

You might not have room for the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, but you can still make people feel welcome in any space. A bar cart can keep drinks and appetizers within arm’s reach, while easily rolling from indoors to outside as needed. Installing a murphy-style bar from the wall provides a fold-down table top as needed.

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Utilize Wall Space

When every inch counts, think vertically. Instead of potted plants on your deck or patio, opt for a vertical garden that can grow flowers, herbs or even vegetables in a visually-appealing way. Fountains are another way to creat vertical decor, with an added element of relaxation. This functional alternative also doubles as decor for the space.

Streamlined Lighting

For a small deck or patio, lighting shouldn’t take up valuable floor space. Add sconce lighting if your structure allows, since its position on walls eliminates tripping hazards and provides an elegant, modern look. If wall lighting isn’t an option, string lights provide plenty of ambiance without taking up precious real estate.

Looking for creative, custom ways to elevate your patio or deck space? We’d love to help you achieve a space that can ease your worries and extend your outdoor living enjoyment. Learn more about the entertaining spaces we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation about how we can bring your dream landscape to life.