Outdoor Kitchens that Bring the Heat

Take the hassle out of your patio parties by adding an outdoor kitchen.

Nothing finishes an outdoor entertainment space quite like a luxury kitchen. It’s the perfect place to gather, breathe in the fresh air, cook and dine al fresco. Having everything in one convenient outdoor place means grilling, baking and boiling without having to go back and forth into and out of the house hauling ingredients and supplies. Not to mention, they look gorgeous as part of a backyard design.

If you’ve thought about taking the hassle out of your patio parties by adding an outdoor kitchen, we’ve got some ideas to inspire your vision. Here are some tips for planning the perfect open-air cooking space.


Decide on an Outdoor Kitchen Theme

Everything about your outdoor space should fit with your personality and style. If you have wildflowers, babbling brooks and whimsical decor, perhaps a rustic theme with natural materials would be a good fit for your outdoor kitchen. If your landscaping is bold and makes a statement, an equally lively cooking space will compliment your style. For those who love a classic, elegant look, opt for timeless class and a sleek design. Want to go tropical? Try pairing shutters and lots of bright, lush plantings.

Determine whether or not you want the area covered — by a pergola, a shade, a roof or other partial enclosure, and what that looks like with adequate ventilation. Small walls, screening plants or other partitions can work well in some designs to separate the kitchen and dining area from the rest of the yard.


Pick Your Pieces

The great thing about an outdoor kitchen is you can mix and match equipment with whatever cooking style and space requirements you have. Grills, refrigerators and prep space are typical mainstays, but there are also plenty of other options like pizza ovens, stoves, traditional ovens, sinks and wine coolers that can be incorporated into a design. Adding a countertop or bar can make for an additional entertainment or serving space.

Want something a little different? Up your outdoor kitchen game by incorporating options like hibachi grills, kamado-style grills or built-in ice makers. If you’d like to extend your outdoor entertaining beyond warm-weather months, consider adding a heating system to keep you and your guests comfortable in chillier weather.

Bennett Pro BBQ Patio BBQ Kitchen Grill Lighting.jpg

Consider the Space

Your outdoor kitchen should have an intuitive flow with the rest of your yard. To avoid hazards or a cumbersome trek from cooking to dining, pay close attention to the layout of your yard and how the kitchen will integrate with existing landscaping, hardscaping or natural elements. Beyond the safety issues, consider how to maximize the area and transform your backyard into a stylish outdoor living space.

Think of the ease with which dinner guests can mingle if a sophisticated lounge or dining area is adjacent to the bar, which is mere steps from the kitchen. If you have a pool, plan a simple path to get from snacks to sun. Consider viewpoints from various sections of the kitchen and dining area, so that guests can interact no matter where they are.

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Complement the Look

As your vision comes together, don’t forget the details. Any outdoor kitchen can be taken to the next level with extra consideration for things like unique hardscape design, accent lighting, carefully selected furniture, flawless landscaping, and strategic container plantings. If you have an eye for design, put your personal touch on everything to give it more personality. For those who want an expert’s opinion or a hybrid approach, professional landscaping and design/build companies can guide you toward the picture-perfect outdoor cooking and entertaining experience.

As you begin to think about how you want your outdoor kitchen to look and function, contact us here at Rossen Landscape. We are experts in design, installation and landscaping, and we’ll take care of everything you need to build a stunning outdoor cooking space for you, your family and your guests to enjoy for many years to come.