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Seasonal Displays that Sizzle

Switch up your landscaping like you switch your wardrobe with seasons.

Decorating for the changing seasons is one way to fully enjoy them all. From blooms of all shapes, sizes and colors in spring and summer to the rich hues and textures of fall to snow-dusted evergreen branches in winter, you can enhance your yard with color and creativity year-round.

There is a wide variety of seasonal flower displays that can be used to enhance your landscape throughout the year. To create year-round beauty and interest in your landscaping, consider these types of displays.

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Annual Bed Plantings

Planting annuals throughout the spring, summer and fall can keep your landscape fresh and your gardens bursting with color. Work with a landscape professional to select a color palette, discuss what varieties work best for each season, and create an arrangement that compliments your home.

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Planters With Annuals

Similar to the year-round color achieved with annual bed plantings, using containers brings the same appeal but on a smaller scale for a porch or patio, or for accents as part of a larger landscape design. Mix colors, textures and heights for planters that create visual interest all year long.

Spring bulbs

Spring Bulb Flower Beds

Fall is the perfect time to plant spring-blooming bulbs, allowing them to get the prolonged exposure to cold they need to guarantee flowers in spring. Planning ahead will ensure your landscape wakes up with color after a long, dark winter.


Parterre Hedges

Parterre gardens, which feature decorative arrangements of beds and paths, make an elegant addition to homes of many different styles. These versatile gardens can be designed for properties of all sizes, from small courtyards to large country gardens. They are distinguished by an ornamental pattern of symmetrical beds, traditionally enclosed and formed by low evergreen clipped hedges.


Seasonal Container Displays

Containers can be used throughout your landscaping to add visual interest that changes with each season. They’re also a great option for decorating small spaces. Selecting a winter-loving small evergreen as a container’s main component, then changing accent plants with each season, ensures you’ll have a picture perfect display all year long. For example, surround the evergreen with tight, colorful blooms in spring; with spilling vines and colorful foliage in summer; and with ornamental grasses and cabbage in the fall.

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Fall Displays

This festive season brings renewed fun when it comes to creating fall planter box displays and containers overflowing with rich hues. The combinations for texture, depth and accessories have a wide range, allowing you to create multiple themes for stand-out displays that elevate your entryways and seating areas. Sure, pumpkins, mums and cornstalks will always be autumn staples, but you can also add pops of color with ornamental grasses, colorful foliage and other gourds.


Recommended Color Combinations

Mixing and matching colorful flowers in your beds, borders and containers provides a sought-after look, but it can be overwhelming since there are so many options. A landscape professional can help you select plants based on their color, growth habit and light requirements — in addition to those that perform particularly well in your geographic location.

A simple rule of thumb is to choose a “temperature” of either warm colors (reds, oranges or yellows) or cool colors (blues, purples or greens) and then add some neutral colors like white, ivory or blush.

Looking for colorful ways to dress up your yard? We’d love to help you achieve a look that sets your landscape apart and has the neighbors asking where you got those amazing flowers. Learn more about gardens we’ve designed here or contact us for a consultation.