New Logo

The Great Refresh of Spring 2022

We always look at spring as a time of renewal.

When we approach a space at the start of each spring, it’s an opportunity for a new beginning, built upon years of iterative improvements and planning. It takes strategic thought and a collaborative approach. We look for ways to bring in new ideas and fresh, modern design. We clear out what’s not working, and we prep for both the immediate and the longer-term future, laying the foundation for a beautiful, ongoing result we can be proud of.

This spring, we’ve extended that philosophy to our business branding.

We are thrilled to introduce the new Rossen Landscape branding, a modernized version of our company’s logo, color palette and visual identity that better reflects our commitment to the high quality work and elegant design services we continue to offer. Moving forward, you’ll start to see our new, contemporary look on our website, newsletters, social media, trucks, signage and uniforms.

The Logo

Let’s talk a little bit about this new logo. We don’t know about you, but we really dig it.

The concept evokes nature with a mark that can simultaneously be viewed as the bark of a tree, the flow of a stream, or the rise of flame. It’s a mix of elemental imagery that echoes our service offerings: refined, modern and classy earth, light, water, and fire features.

We worked with a strategic marketing firm and design team to try out several color schemes and vibes. The one that stuck has an air of luxury with a combination of deep navy and bright mint green to accentuate the fine lines and graceful shapes.

New Logo

Not Everything Has Changed

Just because we look a little different, don’t worry — we’re still the same Rossen Landscape as always. As a business, we’ll give you the same attention to detail; expert design, installation and maintenance; timely communication and exceptional customer service you’ve come to expect when working with us.

We are setting 2022 as a benchmark for higher levels of excellence for you, our customers, in the form of a more sustainable, more modern landscaping company that has committed more deeply to providing a perfect, personalized boutique experience every time.

We’re excited about our visual transformation, as it signals our progress and continued pursuit of leading-edge, creative ideas and solutions.

Let us know what you think of the new look. We look forward to seeing you soon!